You make this eerie sound in the darkness. A sound of fingernails caressing metal bars. The undertones of your searching soul. You pace back and forth counting those bars. 11, 15, 20..hopelessly glaring, wondering. It just won't end. You touch the rusty unlocked door and flinched. Hot flared metal kissed your skin. Another step back... Continue Reading →



My adversities as you call them are my saviors. They are the thin thread binding me to life. The reason why beauty still exists in this hideous world. My misfortunes, as you label them are the foundations of who I am. They fortified this fragile heart to stand amidst the chaos. I wear them like... Continue Reading →


Then you were gone. Like a sudden breeze in Spring. And there was I standing in the midst of unfamiliar faces. My feet seem to be rooted on this polished surface. It lost its sense of direction that moment your back disappeared around the corner. I stared at that distance hoping your image will emerge... Continue Reading →

Street Art by Alias 2.0

Art comes in different forms and faces. You cannot put art in a box or categorize it under some standards. Art is an expression. It is the channel of the artist to convey his or her thoughts in a creative way. It may be on canvas like most renowned artists in history. In words, like... Continue Reading →


Little sparks lit up. They were bright to amuse my nonchalant eyes. I gazed at it's soft ethereal beauty. Little sparks lit up . They became brighter, colors wrapped around every spark. They ascended in to the horizon like magical beings rising from birth. Little sparks lit up. Now they are not so little anymore.... Continue Reading →

Volunteering for a flying spoon 

I never volunteered before. I somehow had the mindset of 'What am I going to gain from this?'. I am pretty much obvious with my question. Money. Monetary gain. Doing pro bono for people I barely know was one step I took out of my comfort zone. I sounded despicable with that. Often times, doing... Continue Reading →

The other world under the sky

She was the spawn of the devil.  She was born out of the fire and blood.  Nursed by the seven deadly sins, she drank from fear and feasted on wrath.  She played with the ill fated.  She brings death to the living over a whim and laughs at the pain of others without mirth. Rising... Continue Reading →

tea and warm hearts

"Would you care for some tea?" ( in a British accent) "That would be lovely." The 8th of April , 2015 was the marked day when two wonderful ladies, we should hide under the names ABBI and BIA, opened their business to the public. It is not your typical tea shop that offers cold tea... Continue Reading →


come to me feel the hollowness of my arms drench my being with your embrace breath into the void of my heart ignite my soul drown it with your innocent lies use the hands the devil in disguise stab who sheltered you from the fires let me live take the dagger that is eating my... Continue Reading →

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