falling apart

She is just barely 9 months old. Beautiful, fragile and the face of innocence. But no matter how good looking she is, nothing can stop the unseen ripping of sickness in her body. It is nothing like the big C but it  can cut off the life from anyone who can catch it. Pneumonia, a... Continue Reading →


It was the spark that made the little flame grew to angry fire. It crawled up the flesh and crept to the soul. It engulfed the heart and burned through the veins. There were strings that fanned the ranging chaos. There were shadows that vanished from the flare. There were affairs that were kept in... Continue Reading →

touch me

i cry to the moon i shed the tears of my sorrow i look up to ask why i am sinking deep down with the weight of my grief i struggled to unbind the chains but; i am drowning, air leaving my lungs i tried to reach for the surface to breath i only see... Continue Reading →

the magic it brings

There is this beauty I am always amazed of when it comes to nature. The tranquility it's self make me  wonder of it's mystery. It calms my  troubled mind and takes away the heaviness of my load. This was a subject I immortalized when I was hibernating after giving birth to my first born, Travis.... Continue Reading →

“matamis masyado”(too sweet)

They are my favorite couple at the moment. Don't flatter your selves too much. You might get blown off. And stop smiling while reading this. The picture is edited in such way for the explanation that their discretion might be jeopardized by my ranging itch to write something. Well, here you freaking twits, i'm no... Continue Reading →

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