Then you were gone.
Like a sudden breeze in Spring.
And there was I standing in the midst of unfamiliar faces.
My feet seem to be rooted on this polished surface.
It lost its sense of direction that moment your back disappeared around the corner.

I stared at that distance hoping your image will emerge from the buzz of backs moving away.
5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20…30… I might end up here forever.
I turned around trying to look for something, anything my heart can hold on to.
It was was breaking, I realized it shattered like your coffee mug I broke the other day.
Bits and ragged edges. Sharp pointy ends I find so fragile they crumble under my touch.

The chattering, the sound of foot steps, laughter.
They were all spinning around me making me dizzy.
I gathered the clutter of me and pushed my trembling body to step forward, to turn my back.
Breathe,  I commanded myself.
Breathe or all of the pieces of your severed heart will scatter on the floor.

Then I left the spot where I felt endless sorrow.
A spot where another person will have their heart torn apart in front of the departure area of the airport.


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