Street Art by Alias 2.0

Art comes in different forms and faces. You cannot put art in a box or categorize it under some standards. Art is an expression. It is the channel of the artist to convey his or her thoughts in a creative way. It may be on canvas like most renowned artists in history. In words, like prose and poetry. With the use of metal or stone to form a sculpture. It is just a matter of creativity and will to come up with tangible imaginations.

When I arrived in Phnom Penh a few months back, I indulged myself into experiencing a variety of activities. One is visiting an art exhibit. This event was one among the excellent exhibitions of my cool French friend Valentin Walker a.k.a Alias 2.0. He is one of the young active artistic human beings I know here in this city. I have seen numerous creations of this guy and they are just stunning. One even made me cry. His creations are more on Street art or graffiti, however it is not centered only on that. He does light painting as well, which is my favorite. Aside from being an artist, he is a traveler as well. He has been to my country, the Philippines and did some street art there. You know what is amazing about him and his art? It is the fusion of his style of painting and the art he explored in other countries. By the way, I didn’t mention he is a DJ as well.

Last April 20, 2017 was my dear friend’s exhibit at the META house. And here are some of the featured paintings:


At first glance, you will only see the mural but if you look closely there are 3 small canvases camouflaged in it. I was mind blown.


I always admire how the illusion of 3D blends perfectly.


Now the geometrical touch put a live intellect in it. It is like the collaboration of two opposite minds in a picture.


This is just one of the mystifying paintings on canvas. It is a mixture of the creator’s street art and Khmer art. Alias 2.0 combines colors to emphasize the texture and illusion that he wants to achieve.


I don’t have words to say but this is just a beautiful complexity of union.

There were more to feast your eyes at the gallery and the exhibit will continue until May 20. For inquiries you can visit the artist’s web page where you can see more of his artistry.


FB page: 

BRAVO my friend! 🙂


The creator: Alias 2.0 / Dj Watt’s Up


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