tea and warm hearts


“Would you care for some tea?” ( in a British accent)

“That would be lovely.”

The 8th of April , 2015 was the marked day when two wonderful ladies, we should hide under the names ABBI and BIA, opened their business to the public. It is not your typical tea shop that offers cold tea (which should be served hot) with pearls and whatever you can add in a plastic cup, sipped using a large straw.


aubrey hepburn

Tea is served in cute teapots (originally) drunk in adorable tea cups with biscuits and honey for  your sweet tooth. To go with the tea are irresistible pastries like muffins, cookies and other treats. They offer brain-numbing stay-up-till- 3 am kind of brewed coffee that tastes real good. It is a mixture of 3 kinds of coffee that was an original recipe of Ms. Bia’s mother. This is the kind of coffee that you will end up saying “Damn, i need to sleep.”

veranda view

Recently, they had the shop renovated. Adding space for the growing market. The original space is called Aubrey Hepburn wing and the new one is called Elvis Presley. Aubrey is for the non-smoking customers, most likely students and of course Elvis is for the smoke blowing individuals like me. They also have the an area for clients who wants an open view of the city.

Everytime I visit this shop, I am always welcomed with smiles. As I enter, my line goes like ” Ladies, surprise me.” With 50’s songs and a large variety of music, this unconventional haven will lighten the mood of your stressful and tiring day.


19fiftea, the star of my quest in here. Located along Gov. Pack Rd., Baden Powel Bldg. Rooms 3003 and 3004, this refreshing new sight of escape will make you seek the excitement of peace.

yours truly

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