coffee and company


When you seek the solace of chatting and the endless topics of undefined life, you go somewhere you think would have what you need. I, for one, almost everyday, for a month now, frequents a small shop along Gov. Pack Road in the City of Pines. The name? Ionic Cafe. Originally, located along Session Road which is the business area of Baguio City. They started business in 1994 and is still surviving for the past 20 years.

I can say that there is something about the place and the coffee that makes people visit this cafe. Maybe it is the minimal noise of the city that doesn’t bother the customers. Maybe the quiet conversations and casual hellos of regulars. How would I know. But I asked myself why do I go to this place. I should write it down for the world to know. First, (I am being honest about this) is the unconventional characteristics of the people I met in the cafe. They can be or are outrageous, crazy, intimidatingly smart, hopeless romantic, thoughtful, surprisingly odd (about chocolates, tomatoes, peanut butter and food in general) vulgar, depressed of some sort and absolutely beautiful and friendly. They are the types of living souls you would have for keeps. Second, would be the coffee that is so heavenly. I asked one of the staff once, what kind of coffee do they serve and I was given a smile, “secret”, he said. Hand off to that. I understand his discretion about it, since it is their trade secret.Third would be some personal reason. The place may not be that silent and calm but it is a safe zone where I can think.  Where I can let go of whatever rope I am holding. It is a place where I let my mind drift of somewhere.

For a person who has been living in Baguio for the past 15 years would have an idea of the place. It is not one of the fancy cafes you can see along Session Road or something like Starbucks but it is decent enough for you to have a good time. It is a cafe where you can find people from different walks of life that makes you ponder over the norms and eccentricity of the world around.

Who ever has the chance of visiting Baguio City in the future, please visit Ionic cafe, Baden Powell Hotel Lobby Gov. Pack Road, Baguio City.


My lips touched the steaming hot liquid.

I closed my eyes to savor the pain of heat.

As the Gatsby era melody fills my head,

I let my reality melt down to eternal fantasy.

-yours truly. šŸ™‚


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