falling apart

She is just barely 9 months old. Beautiful, fragile and the face of innocence. But no matter how good looking she is, nothing can stop the unseen ripping of sickness in her body. It is nothing like the big C but it  can cut off the life from anyone who can catch it.

Pneumonia, a serious decease that affects the lungs that makes it difficult to breath. She has so. And according to the doctor she is in class C. A phase that is considered mild to severe where she needs to be hospitalized. It breaks my heart  to millions of pieces when she struggles to breath and couldn’t sleep because of the clog in her little nose.

We chose to stay home and not to travel to my mothers reunion holiday celebration for us not to risk her health. Worry washed me the first two days of her medication. I refused to have her brought to the hospital and have the medications instead. My mother on the other hand told me to have her confined if the medicines won’t help. But luckily she showed signs of relief and started eating again. I breathed like it was my first time when she started smiling.

I know that it can turn out to the worst of results if ever I haven’t had her checked and gave her the medicines. Babies have the most vulnerable immune systems. They can catch anything and everything that can make them from the most healthy of kids to the most heart breaking sick children on earth.

No one can ever know how hard it could be to see your precious little kids not smiling and playing around and consuming your patience. It can rip you apart. It can kill you with worry.

I am happy now that she smiles like nothing happened. I can smile too since I got my baring now.

I will hold your little hands till breathing is no longer important.



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