“matamis masyado”(too sweet)


They are my favorite couple at the moment. Don’t flatter your selves too much. You might get blown off. And stop smiling while reading this.

The picture is edited in such way for the explanation that their discretion might be jeopardized by my ranging itch to write something. Well, here you freaking twits, i’m no great teacher or some divine creature of wisdom in love and relationships but i would just like you children to enjoy what you have at the moment. Forget about the past since it’s done and will never change. Don’t think too much of the future since it is uncertain and things won’t be always what you planned to be. Just stay happy. Understand and trust each other. Be contented of what you can offer the other one. No matter how hard it can be to open another chapter of your life with missing pieces you need to be sturdy. You need to move on. This is life. This is one experience you faced with courage. I salute your guts for fighting for your happiness. I think i have ants crawling on my screen. I told you not to be too flattered. You stubborn. love.love.love.and more love.

💗💗💗 ate Jan Posted from WordPress for Android


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