I always like the idea of in love people, not the idea of being in love. those are two different things. In love couples are like the total happiness you can feel when you lay your eyes on your first born for the very first time. It is just like the dawn of a new day, refreshing, young and exciting.That would be under my own scrutiny and definition of “in-love creatures”.

Now, I am eyeing on two love birds. No, I am not shooting them down. I’m not that cruel. I am eyeing on their love story, of course. Since, I do not have a job any longer to have myself occupied and stressed out, I will be putting other lives in words. I am no high-flawn, brilliant, popular writer who can put a book or novel in one sitting, so I am listening to love songs and seeking for interesting motivations to put this story laid on paper and here on my blog site.

I do not have the details yet but I will get them eventually. I just need to dig out the treasure box out of the ocean of misunderstanding and lobsters and ocean sand. Love stories or romance– at the best description– will always have the unpleasant rides and roads. This are the always, as expected the challenges that can come through the life of their relationship. Things are unsettled with other individuals at the moment so i cannot do my excavation.

they are not an intimidating or annoying couple. They actually make me smile with their cheeziness (corny, sweet, you know what I mean). Why? it is because it was the very first time that i saw the guy so happy in his boring life. This was the only time where he is being stupidly happy. He smiles alone like a lunatic and consistently talks about the gal he is in-love with like he is not going to live another day. I rarely see guys like this, being genuinely in-love, feeling the word, the atmosphere and the signals sent by the hypothalamus to his senses. I see the will of fighting for his happiness not to slip of his hands. Odds are difficult to go against to, but he will run straight head-first to hell and be back just to show the young damsel in distress his unshaken affection.

They are in-love in every way I see it. They do not seem to live a single day without laying their eyes on each others’ soul. he loves making fun of her and making her laugh. she loves kissing him in the face and hiding her face in the hollow of his shoulder. they listen to each others daily stories. They look into each others eyes and see the glowing light of their hearts.

falling in-love does not hit you like a spank in the head or thunder in a stormy day. It starts like the rising of the sun, slowly and warming. It is like the delicate blooming of flowers, slowly and not rushed. time will tell what will happen with them but I will still be writing this story whether they like it or not. I am supported anyway so you kids will just be reading your own story when I am finished.


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