unchanged but intensified

“Why be alone when we can be together, baby. You can make my life worthwhile. I can make start to smile.”

To be with you by Mr. Big

Why does love kicks you in the gut at the wrong time, sometimes? Why does time cheats on us?

Loving someone for a long time –secretly gives you the agony of holding back and the sorrow in waiting. It hurts like hell when he/she falls for someone else and not you. It cuts through your heart like daggers when she loves somebody else, not you.

“Coz I’m trying not to love you only makes me love you more.”

Trying not to love you by Nickelback

His feelings was hidden for years. He had kept it from her. Unforgotten and had lingered warming his heart. He wanted her to know but never had the chance to, since other friends had the same thing for her. Admiration, special feelings and love. It was like a precious treasure deep in his heart. He never showed it. He never opened the treasure box not until he knew that she had the same special feelings for him way back in high school. He felt stupid when the words hit him “She had a crush on you back in high school.” He wanted to kill himself for not knowing, for being an asshole, for being indifferent, for not telling and showing her.

“I have died everyday waiting for you. Darling, don’t be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years. I’ll love you for a thousand more.”

A thousand years by Christina Perry

Now he is more frustrated of himself when he knew that she was in love with him–and probably is still in love with him. And have done funny and stupid things just to get his attention. She tried but he never acknowledged since he thought he didn’t had a chance. His heart became hopeful and regretful at the same time. He was cursing himself. Why was it only now that he had known when she had someone filling the place in her heart he should be in?

“Or maybe, be everything that I never thought could happen or ever come to pass and I wonder if maybe, maybe I could be all you ever dreamed, cause you are…”

Anywhere but here by Safety Suit

He regretted the wasted time they should have been sharing. He regretted for not seeing through her more clearly. Of all the opportunities she gave him—he never took it. Not a single one. He regretted for being an ass when he had all the chances he can get but just brushed them off.

Now he will wait. Now he will wait till he gets the time to tell her. It will be a long wait, but he will. He will let her know when the time comes—when his supposed place in her heart will be empty. He will take that place and never leave it—not even give it to anyone else. He is definitely in love with her. He loves her, dearly. He wanted to be with her. He wanted to be the one. And he will be the one.

And now I will wait for this love story to commence.

“But I never took time to tell you the way I that felt, that I’d be lost without you never find myself. Let’s hold on to each other above everything else. Start over…start over.”

Whatever it takes by LifeHouse


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