It maybe selfish to be yourself despite the weight you are carrying on your shoulders. People may talk of what they think is right and what should be done however it is contradicting what your heart and mind wants you to. Going with the norm of the society is not being yourself. Words spouted by other people eats up the sense of living your life you want it to be. It strips of the essence of living your life to the fullest. It is an anchor that holds you in place. It prevents you from stepping out of the circle. When you step out of the circle, society will label you as a stain on the clean white perfect wall they call normal. You will be the outsider. The unconventional.

I am an outgoing person. I prefer to be free. I defy other peoples’ contradicting statements. I heed other peoples’ advice rarely. I hate it when I am on a leash and being pulled out like some dog. I hate it when they tell me what I should do. I hate being pushed around. I hate it so much that I say words that should be just in the corners of my mind.

I was controlled once and everything in my life was a mess. It was a life I lived on earth like hell. Burning flesh and tormenting heat of everything you thought that would give you bliss. A betrayal of all your expectations in life.


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