Boring, that’s how he described his life.

He is the guy with a shoe size of 7.5. He smokes Marlboro Red (ugh). He looks weird in shorts with buttoned up pink dress shirt. He is 19, he is currently attending college and he says his mom is strict that he has to go home at 8 pm sharp and that he has to go home the next day after class. He likes Pepper Mint Frappe from Starbucks. He looks like high school due to his height. He has smoother legs than mine. Damn it!

He has a beautiful voice that can sweep you of your feet. However he doesn’t play any instrument. He said he only memorized 3 songs and doesn’t sing in the morning for he might wake up the entire house hold including the pets. He makes funny faces when being taken pictures. He is the apprentice of the arrogant, selfish, conceited asshole I know. He lives in the place of the arrogant, selfish, conceited asshole I know during the weekends. Unless he is banned from the house for a week.

He plays billiards, drinks coffee and smokes at the same time. He is the second child of three siblings in the family. He is not fond of dogs for he was bit sometime before.His name is abbreviated and has a heart in it. Like literally the word HEART. I wonder why his mom chose that name for a guy. No offence.

“I had them at their worst but they left me at their best”- this was how he described himself when it comes to a relationship.

He perceives himself as somewhat a shock absorber. He is friends or brothers with my little sisters’ significant other. He dislikes his friends fighting. He wants everything to be OK and everybody to be happy. He was the second person who listened to Jade without interrupting. Something I did when she cracked up and shared the deepest corners of her heart. He’s someone worth spending your time with and thinking and doing funny stuff that are out of the ordinary. He is a good friend.

Cute, that is how I see him and a person who doesn’t flinch when you are talking. He who has the droopy eyes with no expressions. He has stubborn conspicuous glances that Jade or I share with him when something funny comes up or when the eyes is just the means of communication.

He is drawing something on my sketch pad. And I am writing this-thing-about-him. He is someone who wears stud earrings, black in color.

He is in a LDR with someone he intends to “fix”. He has the photograph of a beautiful lady as a wallpaper on his phone. He is 19 and is in love in some way.

Never say your life is boring brother because each and every one of us has his or her own unique life which we live differently. Family and friends are just part of the colors and spices that makes your life exciting. Interesting. Non-stoic. Fun.


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